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Why Hire a Property Manager?

“Why Hire a Property Manager?”

  1. Setting the correct rental rates: The biggest profit killer for an investor is a vacancy. By hiring a Professional Residential Property Manager in Houston, Texas, you are hiring someone who knows the current market trends and can give a landlord a verified rental rate recommendation. The key is to lease your property quickly and reduce the vacancy periods
  2. Market your rental property: Hiring a professional property management company in Houston, Texas, is required to have a Texas Real Estate License. Therefore, they are usually members of the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) and utilize the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is the most used advertising platform for consumers.
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  3. Find Highly Qualified Tenants: A residential property management company uses various screening programs and systems to screen the applicant’s credit report, criminal background, employment verification, and rental verification. If they have a pet or animal, they also must be screened.
  4. Long-term Tenants: The biggest expense for a landlord Is tenant turnover. The costs are high. Qualified Tenants tend to stay longer on average, and a qualified property management company should know how long their average tenant stays in one of their homes.
  5. Maintenance: Experienced property management companies have screened and vetted their contractors and vendors. They tend to give the landlords better pricing than the landlord could get on this own because the contractors work on volume, and they know not to take advantage of the landlords, or they will not get any more work.
  6. Evictions: Evictions are a daunting task that no landlord wants to be involved in. Your Property management company will take complete control of the situation and go through the necessary process to legally remove the tenant from the property.
  7. Know the Law: The Landlord/Tenant laws are constantly changing, and only a professional property management company is trained to keep up with the most recent legal updates.