The Importance of a Quality Locksmith!

RentLife Property Management at has utilized to Protect Homeowners/Landlords by Adding a Layer of Liability Protection. Tomball, Tx locksmith discusses residential rental property keyed interior locks

September 26, 2019

Here’s the scenario. A tenant has received keys to a home, but his children have accidentally locked a bedroom door. The tenant realizes that the doorknob has a keyhole. To the tenant’s dismay, the house key doesn’t open the interior door lock.

Has this happened to you? Chances are, the tenant is going to hold the management company responsible. I can hear the tenant now. “Here’s the thing, we have never been given a key to that bedroom door. I went down to the real estate office to get their set of keys, and even THEY don’t have that key. We tried picking the lock ourselves with no success and didn’t want to break a window. In the end, we called the real estate agent, and they suggested getting a local Houston area locksmith. They called the owners to see the costs, and the owners have refused to pay for the locksmith.”

Let’s avoid this scenario altogether by hiring a Houston area locksmith company experienced in property management related security. When we are called to rekey residential rental property, you can expect an audit of all of the locks on site. We will check the smoke alarms for you at no charge. Overhead door openers? We can reprogram the remotes for you. Each of our technicians is experts on Texas Property Code Chapter 92. Call us today at 832.727.9391 ReKey Xpress Locksmith. We understand property management.

It is essential to hire a reputable and licensed locksmith company when you are faced with a lock and critical emergency, ReKey Xpress locksmith is professional and upfront about our capabilities, timing, and costs. If you are looking for a free locksmith, we can’t help you. However, you can call us at any time for a free, upfront price quote. All of our locksmith services, including emergency locksmith services, USPS mailbox lock rekey, automotive locksmith work and commercial locksmith services are performed by a licensed locksmith. In addition, the work is guaranteed. When it comes to our customer’s safety and satisfaction, ReKey Xpress locksmith in Montgomery County Tx is highly rated and recommended. ReKey Xpress locksmith, your job on time, fair priced and guaranteed!

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